New Robotic Welding Centre

AJM recently took delivery of 2no. ABB IRB1400 weld cells with multipart manipulation capability. These cells are supported by Fronius weld plants which will give us the best welding capabilities along with one of the global leaders in Robotics.

This is a new era for AJM Engineering. As we push into the future of engineering and different methods of production. We want our customers to be confident that we will always be looking at precision, accuracy, throughput and cost reduction where possible. This has always been the ethos here at AJM Engineering and we will continue in that vain to ensure our future.

On a side note – The robots have been named “John Joe Molloy” and “Eamon Maguire” in the thought of Anthony’s two grandfathers. Anthony said “they were two hard working men and now they will get back to doing what they love haha”