Robotic Production

AJM see robotic production as something that will inevitably give customers confidence on cost, supply and quality. We have moved forward with installing 3no. Robotic weld cells with multi-part manipulation ability and 3no. Fronius weld plants. AJM will continue to invest in this area as we see this as another feature which we can offer our customers and will enable us to confidently move into other markets with this ability. Added to what AJM currently offer, this gives us an attractive package that can be offered to all customers and potential customers

Our KUKA Weld Cell with double sided independent manipulation and enclosed cell with SICK floor scanners gives countless capabilities with accuracy and safety. The operator can unload cell 1 as the robot welds out cell 2 with complete confidence.

This is a picture inside cell 1. All our cells are equipped with SICK floor scanners which is of paramount importance for health and safety. All our Robotic cells are fitted with interlocks on cell doors and floor scanner externally.

inside 1 of our ABB cells which shows our manipulator loaded up and ready for the cycle. On the outside of the cell there is another twin fixture (2) which is being unloaded and reloaded as the robot welds out side 1. This enables cost savings

Another picture from inside our KUKA cell


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